#Wearewera – Emma

Our Co-founder – who is structured and analytical, but likes to work in a creative way!

My name is Emma Buss and currently I’m studying marketing my last year at Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa. The topic of my Master thesis is about how companies can use data effectively in order to generate valuable customer insight. In my earlier working life, I have worked with coordinating logistics, customer service and invoicing.

Besides my studies, I have worked as a photographer at my firm Emmas Photographics. I have been doing photography since primary school and during the last years, an interest for graphic design has grown forth. Exercising and sports have also been a big part of my life since I was little. Long-distance running and skiing are my favorites at the moment and I have ran two marathons so far. I’m goal-oriented and fulfill my tasks to 110%, as I cannot deliver something that I’m not satisfied with.

Photo: Viljam Grahn

Beyond this, I also have an interest in exploring new places, especially landscapes through both my own eyes and the camera lens. The latest trip went to Pyhä-Luosto Nationalpark this September.

What’s your greatest memory from creating WERA Agency?

It’s difficult to choose a best memory of the start-up, since the whole process has been valuable. However, if I need to choose one, I think it would be the moment when we signed all the papers. From then it was real! However, I’m also very thankful of everyone involved in the process.

Who are you in team WERA?

In Wera, I’m the one taking care of the visual and bureaucratic work. I’m structured and analytical as a person and I need to have everything in order. For instance, when we report to our customers, I’m the person who put our words into pictures or visual material. In this way, we make it easier to communicate results and implications for our customers.