SOME Schools


Learning how to manage social media, create relevant content and analyze the output is important for all businesses and organizations today.

We can help you with tailored SOME guides for your business. We also hold private sessions to get you started with your social media channels. Additionally we provide workshops for the whole staff so everyone can stay on top of the company social media strategy.


Our youths already possess great knowledge in this area. They are brought up in the world of emojis and hashtags. But it is important for them to know how to tackle and use the online world to their benefit. Future jobs lie within social- and digital areas, and we want to show youths that you can:

1) be heard and make a difference and

2) make a living through social channels.

We have held lectures and workshops in:

  • Hanken
  • Jakobstads Gymnasium
  • Vasa Övningsskolas Gymnasium

Join the list and become social media pros in your school as well!

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