#Wearewera – Saga

Our Co-founder and Strategic Manager – who likes to work hard, but strategically!

My name is Saga-Charlotte Storbacka, and I am from Kokkola but have lived in Vaasa with my partner Anton for the last four years. For now I’m studying my fifth year at Hanken, School of Economics in Vaasa, and as Erica and Emma I am also in the process of writing my Master thesis and hopefully will graduate in the summer of 2019. As my major I have marketing, but I have been reading finance as my minor, as well as commercial law and languages as elective studies.

On my free time I like to do sports, as also my fellow colleges does, I for example love a good Crossfit-pass or a nice run. In the summers I also like to play football, and in the winters I am for the hills to downhill ski. Downhill skiing was one of the main reasons I decided to go to Innsbruck for my exchange, autumn 2016-spring 2017. There the everyday life was surrounded by mountains regarding what the weather was.

What’s your greatest memory from creating WERA Agency?

The whole journey has been so exciting, full of twist and turns, and opportunities we could not miss. I think our first meeting when we decided to put our hearts and souls to this project on a terrace in Vasa in the early hot summer days. Erica had just talked with Tim from Gambit, who also became one of our co-owners, and they together started the idea process of something close to what Wera is now. So much have happened since that evening, but the whole excitement and burst of creative ideas and positive vibes makes that evening one of the most memorable!

Who are you in team WERA?

I’m the one that takes our ideas and puts them into paper, so to say creates the strategy from our thoughts and ideas. I am also fully bilingual, as Swedish is my mother tongue, but I speak Finnish and English almost as well as Swedish. I love to see concrete results, so when we get to see results in both our own and our customers businesses, I get an extra feeling of wellbeing. You can see the strategical side also in my everyday life, as I always walk around with my paper calendar. Also my life is a puzzle with my work at Wera Agency, Master Thesis-writing and a part time job in the insurance business, so you need some strategical thinking to get those puzzle pieces to work together. But I’ll make them complete each other!